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"CAPITAL APPEALS are not about the buildings;

                                      they are about the people"


How capital can help you

Capital appeals can be managed in different ways from some light mentoring for someone who already has some experience with appeals right up to full consultancy support with a consultant taking on the role of Appeal Director. Like any kind of specialist methodology a capital appeal needs to be carefully planned and managed to make sure that the right things are carried out in the right order.

Capital was set up by one of the UK's foremost capital appeal consultants - Paddy Hunter-Murphy - who has been in fundraising for over 30 years. Paddy understands that all organisations do things in different ways and it is so important for consultants to fit in with each client. 

"The hospice engaged Paddy in to advise on and support the charity’s capital appeal for £2.2 million for a new Day Therapy & Out-Patients Building. He started this work in liaison with the former chief executive and when I was appointed, Paddy came to see me even before I was in post to brief me and get my opinions on the future appeal fundraising.

Once I was in post (in March 2015), Paddy and I worked very well together, as we went through the preparation stage of the capital appeal and then into the private stage. His advice and direct support (he took on the role of Appeal Director) has been excellent. He built up very strong relationships with the key trustees and staff here at the hospice and this has built up trust and allowed us to work closely with him. He liaised direct with the likes of the lord-lieutenant and the bishop and used their contacts with skill and diplomacy, maximising on the connections we were able to make with key trusts, wealthy individuals and some companies.

His advice on trust applications and approaching wealthy people has been excellent – he even introduced us to a non-UK trust fund that has become the largest giver at £250,000.  So far we have raised 90% of the funds needed and are well on the way to raising the £2.2 million needed for the project.  We would not have done this without Paddy’s support and guidance. Furthermore he strikes the very difficult balance between having the professionalism of a consultant with the personal qualities that are necessary to gain the trust of clients and prospective donors.

I would recommend him to any charity considering his services. "    

CEO, Hospice of the Good Shepherd, Chester

Capital capital appeal services can help you raise a significant capital fundraising sum for a specific purpose (usually a building) over and above money raised for day-to-day revenue activities. This money is raised relatively quickly using a different fundraising methodology (including philanthropy) that galvanises people into giving. 

what is a capital appeal?

  • hospices & children's hospices
  • Music & Arts venues
  • hospitals
  • cathedrals & churches
  • schools & colleges
  • civic & community

how we work

Capital has a team of specialist consultants to help you with your capital appeal.

We can help in a number of ways depending on your circumstances and resources:

Light Mentoring

You, or someone else, in your organisation may have some appeals experience but may appreciate some 'light mentoring' that can be adapted specifically to your individual needs. This might, for example, take up only one Skype call per month for, let's say, two hours to review the month and look at future work.

Standard Mentoring

This can be very helpful for those fundraisers who may have had some experience with trusts & foundations and with major donors but have never undertaken any sort of appeal before. Standard mentoring could include weekly telephone calls (or Skype calls) where the consultant will closely monitor progress and can act as a mentor, leading the fundraiser through the appeal process. This mentoring will include how to deal with the 'appeal team' (including the charity trustees, CEO and senior staff) as well as prospective donors (including major donors and trustees of prospective trust/foundation donors). Approaching prospective major donors can seem to be a challenging task - to have an experienced capital appeal practitioner as a friendly guide can be invaluable. 

Specific Tasks

We can help with specific aspects of your appeal. For example, working with the charity to produce a watertight appeal fundraising strategy, specialised donor research or writing up and designing your Appeal Brochure. Whatever needs doing, we can undertake this for you (but working with you always to ensure that we get it right).

Consultancy & Direction

You can have your own consultant who will work with you every step of the way - the earlier you get him/her to work with you the better. Your consultant will guide through each phase and each stage to ensure that things are completed properly and that you maximise on your donor pool. 

Full 'Appeal Director' Consultancy

You can have a senior consultant to take on the role of Appeal Director.

Capital is a specialist fundraising consultancy that works ONLY with capital appeals. We can help youachieve successful capital appeal fundraising. From philanthropy to public fundraising we can help you every step of the way.


Capital Capital Appeal Consultancy