Homelink Day Respite Care Centre, Hampton
“I just wanted to thank you both [Paddy and Heidi] for being at the launch of our brand new £1.2 million building yesterday. When we engaged you three years ago you embraced our project and our ethos and became part of our organisation believing passionately in Homelink and the service we provide. Starting with a £760,000 grant from the Department of Health and then with other grants and pledges we knew we would succeed with this appeal. Thank you for everything, we could not have got to where we are today without your help. We believe that we have been very lucky to find you and you have both proven your weight in gold."

Capital Appeals.co.uk operates throughout the UK and can help and support your capital campaign.

Led by Paddy Hunter-Murphy who has over 30 years' experience in fundraising and over 20 years' with capital appeals, Capital Appeals.co.uk can help you with your capital appeal in a variety of ways, depending on the level of support you need.

We have a team of consultants who specialise in capital appeals, located around the UK. Each consultant has, not just the experience and knowledge needed to run a successful appeal, but also the local/regional knowledge that can make all the difference to a successful outcome. 

Each capital appeal will be overseen by Paddy himself with regular communication with the relevant consultant.

All consultants have experience in running a capital appeal and raising money from trusts & foundations, high net worth individuals (HNWIs), wealthy families, companies as well as from events (towards the end of the appeal).

Furthermore each of these consultants has their own extra specialisations, for example, church & cathedral appeals, crowdfunding, social media, statutory funding, landfill-tax funding etc. The team meet with Paddy regularly (normally online) to share progress and ideas. 

So, if you use Capital Appeals.co.uk you will benefit from:

  1. your own regionally-based capital appeals consultant
  2. oversight from Paddy Hunter-Murphy
  3. extra knowledge regarding speciality fundraising (e.g. crowdfunding) from the whole team of consultants


We can provide advice at all stages and at all levels. From the early part of the appeal to help produce the strategy and formulate the implementation plan right through to advice on how to maximise on the public appeal and get the best publicity possible while recruiting as many people as possible to fundraise for the appeal. We can advise on the make up of your Appeal Team and on budgets and what resources you will need, and a host of other things.


We can support you in real ways by working with you and your team on a consultancy basis. We will 'roll our sleeves up' and get involved in the planning and implementation of your capital appeal. We can help you recruit your volunteer leadership and attend the key meetings with prospects and donors. We can produce researched lists of major donor suspects/prospects, trusts & foundations, companies etc. in your field/area and organise and attend the essential 'networking' meetings. In short, we can support you and your organisation in any way you feel is right for you.


Paddy Hunter-Murphy himself, can act as a mentor to your, for example, CEO or Director of Fundraising and work closely with him/her as together we navigate through the months and years of a capital appeal. This mentoring can be in the form of face-to-face meetings, Skype calls, conference calls, iPhone facetime or whatever works for you.


Individual consultants can act as your 'Appeal Director' (or similar) and actually manage the proceedings with you. The consultant would come to the organisation regularly (possibly for two days every fortnight), build good relationships with the senior team, recruit the appeal leadership and work with them direct on behalf of the charity. As the appeal progresses the consultant will work more and more with the CEO, the trustees and the senior team to get them more involved in the appeal.  

Asking always takes place with a member of the charity undertaking it, with consultancy support.

Providing Hands-on Work

We can also, if necessary, undertake specific hand-on tasks for example; do the donor research to find suspects and prospects who may be interested in your capital appeal, undertake submissions and applications to relevant trusts & foundations, write and design the case statement etc. and deal with philanthropy donors.


managing a capital appeal

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Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford
“Paddy is helping us with our £21 million re-development appeal.  We have raised £14 million so far from statutory and similar bodies and Paddy is now showing us how to approach prospective major donors and how to maximise on trusts and foundations.  We are impressed with how he is overseeing the fundraising department and how he is taking a lead on the activities while, at the same time, is transferring his skills and experience to the team.”

Capital Appeals.co.uk


The charity itself managing a capital appeal

You may consider undertaking the capital appeal yourselves. This is most certainly possible, but only if you have the in-house expertise and experience to make sure that you do the right things in the right order. There are many common mistakes – for example, launching a ‘buy-a-brick’ campaign early on in the capital appeal (so that prospective major donors who could give let’s say £50,000 or more, buy-a-brick for £250 and ‘immunise’ themselves against future private approaches).  Some of these mistakes can completely unravel a capital appeal and ensure an unsuccessful outcome.

But with the right personnel and experience (possibly with some mentoring support) it is not impossible for the charity itself to manage a capital appeal. 

Using a Fundraising Consultant

Most charities engage a fundraising consultant or a consultancy firm to at least support them in their capital appeal, if not even manage it on their behalf.  Like any kind of methodology a capital appeal needs to be carefully managed to make sure that the right things are carried out in the right order. 

Capital Appeals.co.uk 

Capital Appeals.co.uk is a specialist fundraising consultancy that works ONLY with capital appeals. 

Capital Appeals.co.uk can provide all the levels of support that a charity might choose to undertake a capital appeal, for example: 

  • Consultancy support from Paddy Hunter-Murphy (Founder of Capital Appeals.co.uk who has over 30 years’ fundraising experience, including 22 years with capital campaigns) will be tailored to your specific needs. Payment based on a day rate fee.
  • Consultancy support from one of the regional capital appeal consultants based throughout the UK.
  • Mentoring and coaching in the capital appeals process and methodology from Paddy Hunter-Murphy which can include, for example, monthly Skype update meetings, online email-based support and 24/7 telephone support straight to Paddy’s mobile phone. Payment based on a monthly retainer.